Your business needs a dependable, cost effective infrastructure solution. Having you own servers is costly and complicated. Cloud services from TekHub is the solution to the constant expense of maintaining and upgrading your server hardware

Our full range of Cloud Services is a cheaper, safer and easier alternative to buying and installing servers and maintaining a datacenter. Tekhub’s Cloud Solutions can make your apps always up and availablefrom anywhere in the worldwithan internet connection. Never Pay for Patches and Upgrades to your system again and you won’t have to pay for costly, full time system engineers

We offer public and private clouds, web hosting, and backup as a service. No matter what you need, TekHub can help you manage your infrastructure costs without giving up the dependability, uptime, and security your business needs

Private Cloud

Our Private Clouds are for clients that need their own, dedicated server resources. They are designed for high availability, stability, and redundancy and will help you get better performance at a lower cost.

TekHub makes sure that your mission critical applications are always up and available. We maintain the servers, storage, and network, and make sure that your application is safe, secure and responsive.

Public Cloud

Our Public Cloud is a shared environment that gives you the resources you need, at a price your business can afford. This is ideal for web applications, web hosting, and test and QA environments.

Public Clouds are also a great option for small businesses and startups who want to access top of the line compute resources with no infrastructure investment and a small monthly fee.

TekHub’s Public Cloud allows you to pay as they go for computing resources, turn resources on and off as you need them, and configure and pay for your computing usage online.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

You need to know that your critical business data is safe and secure. Backing up your data is one of the most important steps a business can take to protect itself from risks and disasters.

TekHub provides a reliable, easy to use, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution that uses advanced virtualization to protect your business against a single system failure or the loss of your entire building or datacenter.

Our Backup Solutions can ensure you that your data is safe and secure, thereby protecting your data. We bet that you can be relaxed & happyby knowing that even at the time of disaster,your data can be up & available from anywhere in the world, by just an internet connectionthat too in a matter of hours.

Click here and find out how Cloud Services from TekHub lower your costs, improve your performance, and can help keep your business safe and secure.

Private Clouds

Public Clouds

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

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Nimble Accounting Installation and Customization

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VMWare Architecture, Design, and Engineering

Database Design and Management on MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Access

Solaris Engineering and Migration to Linux

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